UI Call Centers

UI Call Centers

DETR realizes how frustrating it can be to repeatedly have to call into its call centers to reach a representative, often not getting through or being told to try back at another time.  UI call centers are a queue-based system and with the continued high call volume, those queues get filled up very fast.  Once the queues fill up, there is no additional room for other calls to come into and the caller is informed to try back later.  The number of folks allowed in the queue is based on the number of agents and time in the day to assist those in the general queues.

Still on hold in the call queue? We recommend callers choose the offered callback features (call volume permitting) to minimize time waiting on the phone. The queue logic will only allow a specific total of callers in the queue based on the total time needed to process those who are in the queue, number of agents, and time remaining in the day to assist those in the general and callback queues and process.

We continue to work with our call center staff to update processes and provide customer service feedback to best serve Nevada filers and work with varied state offices on funding and staffing resources to provide and expand service delivery for every Nevadan.


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