Benefits Ending

Benefits Ending

Traditional UI is available for up to 26 weeks of benefits.  Upon exhaustion of traditional, PEUC benefits may be available for traditional UI filers for up to an additional 13 weeks.   Upon exhaustion of PEUC, State Extended Benefits (SEB) may be available for filers for up to an additional 13 weeks.   The total potential benefit period for these programs is 52 weeks.   Please visit our website for more details on the CARES Act and UI program at

REMINDER:  Current CARES Act benefits other than FPUC, are scheduled to expire on December 31st.    PUA is a CARES Act program and is available for up to 39 weeks for 1099 and independent contract workers who have a COVID reduction of work.   Additionally, PUA may be available for filers that exhaust traditional UI, PEUC or State Extended Benefits (SEB). Weeks for UI exhaustees who file for PUA, these benefits amounts will be impacted by received benefits in traditional UI.

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