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Reopening Nevada | Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery

Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery is designed to build a path forward and safely restart Nevada’s economy.  This roadmap outlines a coordinated, state-specific plan to address the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. The core guiding principle is that Nevada’s efforts should be “Federally supported, state managed, and locally executed.”  Nevada entered Phase 1 – Battle Born Beginning – on May 9, 2020, under Emergency Directive 018.  Nevada entered Phase 2 under Emergency Directive 021 on May 29, 2020.

Reopening Directive and Guidance 

The guidance for businesses reopening in Phases 1 and 2 was developed in consultation with Nevada’s Local Empowerment Advisory Council (LEAP) created under the Nevada United Plan for reopening Nevada.

Additional Regulatory and Licensure Information:  

Governor Directives and Nevada COVID-19 Data Dashboards – NV Health Response Website

All of Governor Sisolak’s Directives can be found HERE. Additional information and guidance on these directives are located on the  page. Nevada COVID-19 Data Dashboards are also available on the main NVHealthResponse page,with information on testing, confirmed cases and health care facilities. 

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