We understand how important your privacy is.

The Exposure Notifications System was built to respect your privacy and keep you in control.

You control whether you receive exposure notifications.

This technology only works if you decide to opt-in. If you change your mind, you can turn it off at any time.

The exposure notifications system doesn't track your location.

The Exposure Notifications System does not collect or use the location from your device. It uses Bluetooth, which can be used to detect if two devices are near each other - without revealing where the devices are.

Neither google, apple, nor other users can see your identity.

All of the Exposure Notification matching happens on your device. The system does not share your identity with other users, Google, or Apple. Public health authorities may ask you for additional information, such as a phone number, to contact you with additional guidance.

Only public health authorities can use this system.

Access to the technology is only granted to apps from public health authorities. These apps must meet specific criteria around privacy, security, and data use.