One of the key tools to fight COVID-19 and slow its spread is right in your pocket.

Contact tracing apps quickly notify you if you've likely been exposed allowing you to reduce risk and make informed choices.

1. Download the free COVID Trace app from the Apple or Android app store.

2. Once you opt-in to the notification system, the Exposure Notifications System will generate a random ID for your device. To help ensure these random IDs can't be used to identify you or your location, they change every 10-20 minutes.

3. Your phone and the phones around you will work in the background to exchange these privacy-preserving random IDs via Bluetooth. This is a passive process that begins once you opt-in and functions without the app open.

4. Your phone periodically checks all the random IDs associated with positive COVID-19 cases against its own list.

5. If there's a match, the app will notify you with further instructions from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services on how to keep you and the people around you safe.

The DHHS created this app so the people of Nevada can make use of the latest technology to keep themselves and their families safe and fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We strongly recommend that everyone downloads COVID Trace to their phone and begins to use it. By working together and using every tool at our disposal, we can protect our communities and flatten the curve.