Battle Born Medical Corps

Battle Born Medical Corps

Nevada Nurse Apprentice Program

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services and Nevada State Board of Nursing encourage all nursing students enrolled in an accredited nursing program and in good standing to strongly consider becoming a nurse apprentice. Nevada has been experiencing significant health care staffing shortages in a variety of health care settings and we believe this is a great opportunity for nursing students to maximize the skills they have learned while supporting the health care system by providing services that are vital to Nevadans.

What is the nurse apprentice program: A nurse apprentice program offers students the opportunity to practice their clinical skills and to acclimate to the role of a licensed nurse. An apprentice nurse works in a health care facility (hospital, skilled nursing facility/long-term care facility), community health clinic or a health maintenance organization (HMO), providing nursing care following a skills list approved by the Board of Nursing. Apprentice nurses can apply to hospitals/facilities in their area that have this program. There is an employment agreement developed between the facility and nursing student. Apprentice nurses can maximize the skills in which they have been trained prior to licensure. Apprentice nurses work per diem, which is ideal to work around school schedules. It is often seen as a win-win for the student and the facility. The apprentice nurse is given the opportunity to work in a facility while in school and the facility gets an opportunity to see how that apprentice performs. Often the facility will hire the apprentice nurse after graduation.

To read more about the program and the FAQ’s click here. 

The following hospitals offer nurse apprentice programs

Northern Nevada

Rural/Frontier Nevada 

Southern Nevada 


Battle Born Medical Corps 

 Health Professionals,

Nevada’s Battle Born Medical Corps

Needs You! 

Nevada is preparing for an increase in the number of people who urgently need health care in our communities during the COVID-19 outbreak. To meet this moment, we’re opening additional health care sites to treat people affected by COVID-19 and to relieve the pressure on our health care system by providing care for non-COVID-19 cases. 

To ensure adequate staff for health care sites throughout Nevada, we’re calling on healthcare providers, behavioral health professionals, and health care administrators to register today. 

We need: 

You can play a critical role in responding to this public health emergency in your region. To care for Nevadans who need your help, please sign up. 

Step 1 – Are you eligible? 

To be eligible for COVID-19 emergency medical staffing roles, you must: 

Step 2 – Register in the Battle Born Medical Corps system ( 

Both licensed professionals and students will have to register. This is the system we will use to verify your medical license (if you have one) and identify your deployment preferences. 

Step 3 – Finalize Deployment and Placement process 

You will be deployed at the time of acceptance and placement of an assignment. Bring a formal valid driver’s license and social security care to provide at time of placement. Bring a formal valid driver’s license to provide as verification of identity at time of deployment. When facilities express their need for volunteers or employees, they will submit a formal request to the BBMC. The details of the facilities need will be sent to all eligible volunteers through the email listed in the volunteer profile. Once the email is received all volunteers have the opportunity to accept or decline the volunteer request. There are no obligations to accept volunteer requests and each volunteer is able to make the choice as to their personal circumstances allowing them to assist when scenarios arise. 

Information for Volunteers — Email our help desk at

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